The Overnight Socialite


I started this book yesterday and finished it last night. Like when I was reading Dragon Rider, I didn’t read it all the time. I just did when I had the free time, or I was in the mood to read. When I first saw this book around our house, I read the plot and I wasn’t exactly hooked. The plot doesn’t seem promising.

Since I really wanted to read something new, I gave it a try. I forced myself to start the book. After two short chapters, I realized that the plot was actually really good! It was so exciting! I really underestimated the book, lol. Last night, I know that I needed to sleep but I really, really wanted to finish the book (since it was sooo good) so I ended up sleeping at around 1 AM. I don’t regret it haha! :D

It’s the first time that I’ve read something like this. Obviously, it’s about a socialite. :)) I really, really love this book. I rate it a 9. HAHAHA. ♥ (this post looks better on my blog than on the dash!)