RF: Swiftie ako. =))

Wala lang. Naisipan ko lang i-share. Hindi ako yung super hardcore swiftie na nagcecelebrate ng Swiftie Day, nagmememorize na facts tungkol sa kanya, or nagmamalaki ng mga awards niya. Simpleng fan lang ako na mahilig pakinggan yung mga kanta niya. To be honest, itong kabilang laptop wala masyadong music. Ang nasa iTtunes lang ay We the Kings (2007), Bright Lights, American Idiot, tsaka Some Nights.

Naboboringan na ako sa mga pinapakinggan ko so dinownload ko yung apat na albums ni Taylor Swift. It was amusing to find out na medyo memorize ko parin pala yung lyrics ng iba, lalo na yung mga kanta sa Speak Now Album. :)

Wala. Natutuwa lang akong pakinggan yung mga songs niya. Syempre hindi naman puro siya lang yung music ko, marami rin akong ibang favorite na pakinggan. Sadyang siya yung pinapatugtog ko right now so naisipan kong i-blog. :D

RF: Kinukurtsara ko ang mga junk food.

Pramis. Except nalang kapag wala sa bahay, in which case hindi ko naman kaya mag-conjure ng spoon out of thin air. =)))) Basta yun. Hahaha. Gusto ko lang i-share. :DD

Apple, Blackcurrant, Cherimoya, Cranberry, Lime, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Custard Apple

Ang dami ah? Hindi ka naman masyadong curious. XD

Apple: May gf/bf ka ba ngayon? — Wala! :)
Blackcurrant: Give 5 handsome bloggers? — Wala ako masyadong finafollow na male bloggers eh. :D
Cherimoya: Unit ng cp — Samsung Champ. :D
Cranberry: 5 Most listened songs: —

  • 100 Years - Five for Fighting
  • Some Nights, The Gambler, Be Calm - Fun.
  • Saltwater Room - Owl City

Lime: May nanliligaw ba/nililigawan? — Wala. :)
Mangosteen: Crush/bf/gf and picture — Crush ko po si Daniel Padilla. HAHAHAHA. Search mo nalang sa Google, ha? XD
Pomegranate: 5 na nakaka-turn on sa boys and girls:

  1. Malinis tignan. :)
  2. Friendly
  3. May onting kabaliwan (katulad ko)
  4. Mabait
  5. Nakaka-relate ko. XD

Custard Apple: Pinaka-ayaw na ugali sa lalaki — Siga/gangster. XD

Thank you sa maraming tanong! ♥

I’ve always wondered what women do during their periods in certain stories



Do they have pads and tampons in the wizarding world? or do they just cast some super absorbing spell on their underwear?

Are girls allowed to bring tampons to the Hunger Games arena? 
Or do they have to publicly announce that they are on their period and hope a sponsor will send a parachute? 
Or do they have to make their own out of moss?  

I am so glad I’m not the only one who’s thought of this.

I thought I was crazy, wondering about these stuff, and I am ever so glad that I’m not the only one. =))))))))))

RF: I used to have two tumblrs.

And I was using a different name on that tumblr. I had more friends and readers there. On some days, my page reaches 15-25 readers. I eventually deleted it. HAHAHA. You might wonder, why did I do that? Or what did I post?

Hahaha. I also don’t know why I did that. Maybe to avoid the prying eyes of the people I know who knows my blog. Or maybe because I was just so crazy back then.

I don’t even know why I am posting this right now. HAHAHAHA. Maybe I’m still crazy. XD =)))))))))))

Day 64 to 66! :D

Day 64: Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before, what do you do.

Of course I’ll come to let her know that I love her. :)

Day 65: One random fact about yourself.

RF: I am overly dramatic about everything that is going on in my life, I just don’t show it much. :))))

Day 66: If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

I’d switch lives with someone very pretty/very talented so I’ll know how it actually feels to be one, even for a very short period of time. :D

te4cup asked:

1. Full name - Carla Malapitan Delgado
2. Zodiac sign - Aries
14. Do I have a crush? - Haha yea I guess
15. Favorite quote - Love or die
29. Favorite song - Little House (my fave at the moment)
30. Favorite band -  I like a few songs of Green Day and Coldplay
43. How long does it take me to get ready in the morning? - 30-40 mins (including bath)
44. Have I shaved my legs in the past three days? - Nope! :D
61. What was the last lie I told? - I’m not hungry. XD
62. Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online? - Phone .. I guess.
90. Failed a class? - Nope. Just a periodical exam. :)
91. Kissed a boy? - Nope.
92. Kissed a girl? - Nope.
103. Am I a vegetarian/vegan? - Neither. :)
123. Dyed my hair? - Nope. :)
151. What I’d do if I won the lottery - Half at the bank, 1/4 for us (me&family), 1/4 other people
152. What do I like about myself - Eyes. 

Thanks for all the questions! <3 >:D< Follow her, guys! <3

36, 81, 85, 101, 102, 153. :)))

I didn’t think someone would actually ask meee! Thanks soooo much! :D Okay, here goes:

35: Favourite holiday - Christmas! Definitely. :D
81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr - mine, thelovefactorial, stargiggles, nyiina, and te4cup!
85: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on? - "Are you ok?" because … hahaha I actually don’t know what I’ll answer to this question. XD
101: Smoked cigarettes? - Nope!
102. Drank alcohol? - Nope!
153. Closest tumblr friend - te4cup! :D 

RF: I played (and finished) every single pokemon version, except the newer ones that required a Nintendo DS.

I love every single one of it! (but I love S/R/E batch the most) The version that I finished the most number of times is Sapphire. More than 10 times. (not being sarcastic/not kidding) When I was around 6 or 7, I already know Sapphire. Whenever I have time, I would start a new one, then will finish it after a few days. :D

I really miss playing Pokemon, it’s such a shame that I don’t have time for it anymore because I’m too busy. Pokemon is love! <3 :D (it’s not just for kids, okay? people older than me play it too!) :)))

RF: Whenever we go somewhere to eat and we’re finished eating, I mix some things up and put it in a container. I’ve never tasted it though. I’ve tried it with fancy restaurants, with fast food chains, etc. A while ago, while eating at Gerry’s Grill, I did it again! Since I was with my relatives, my cousin did it too! :D We’re such weirdos.