Dati, nung bata ako…

may pinasagutan samin sa school na dapat mong isulat kung yung trait na nakasulat ay good or bad. May isa, ang nakasulat, PROUD. Eh hindi ko alam ibig sabihin nun, tas naisip ko bigla, yung “I’m proud of you.” ay positive thing, so sinagot ko ay GOOD TRAIT siya. =)))))

Ayos diba? Sorry naman, di ko pa alam kung ano yun nun eh. Mga Grade 1 ata yun. XD Tas takang-taka talaga ako kung bakit ako minalian. =)))))$

Childhood! :”>

Childhood! :”>

Encarta Kids = Childhood

Ang saya mag-Encarta Kids. :”> Childhood ko kasi yun eh. Nung bata ako, kayang kaya kong sagutin yung mga quizzes and games dun. Lalo na yung mga tungkol sa science. Body, anatomy, facts, lahat lahat na. Sobrang nakakamiss. Childhoooood! :’)

Just a bunch of old pictures that I wanted to put in my blog. :”> I looked so cute. :D

Because it’s her birthday today, I logged on to tumblr again in order to make a post about it. Go visit her blog! Or go greet her. Whatevs. Anyway, she’s twenty years old now. She’s oooooold! (we’re six years apart, btw) Hahahaha. So .. yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!~ Continue your journey of fatness. :)

Because it’s her birthday today, I logged on to tumblr again in order to make a post about it. Go visit her blog! Or go greet her. Whatevs. Anyway, she’s twenty years old now. She’s oooooold! (we’re six years apart, btw) Hahahaha. So .. yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!~ Continue your journey of fatness. :)

Stay at Hotel H2O.

It was my fifth time to stay at Hotel H2O but I’ve never been to Manila Ocean Park before. (I’ve been to the ocean parks in other countries though, haha!) We have this one ticket that has four stubs. It allows us to go to four different attractions: Manila Ocean Park, Musical Fountain Show, Penguin Talk Show, and the Dancing Jellies. We went to the Manila Ocean Park first. It was good! :)

^^ Those are whitespotted bambooshark eggs (a type of carpet shark). These sharks are mostly nocturnal and are harmless to humans. At birth, the young are about 15 cm in length. :)

On the way to leave the Ocean Park, there’s this place with information about the penguins and Antartica. I guessed that it’s placed on the way to the exit so there’s no choice but to see it. Haha! It was ironic that the place wasn’t even cold. :))) [ I just love this picture that I took. It’s cute. :D - Carla ]

We had these vouchers for Seriland, so we went there next. It was my third time there, haha! For the third time, I went to the Mirror Maze and 3D Trick Art. I was surprised when I saw that the Trick Art was changed! The last two times I’ve been there, it was full of different 3D art. The trick art last time was better though. :)) My mom bought this Buko Shake in a bottle, and it was soooo tasty so I made her buy another one. HAHA! :D [ Now that I mentioned it, I want one right now. :( - Carla ]

After Seriland, we went to see the Musical Fountain Show. I saw this the last time I’ve been there, and I was excited to see it again because it was awesome. I took videos mostly, not pictures. The part that I loved was the part when they were playing the “I’m Yours” instrumental as the bg music. :)

Before we went to sleep, we went out to see one last attraction for the day: The Penguin Talk Show. It was the last show of the day so there were just five people other than us. It was soooo hilarious! I’ve seen something like this at Disneyland so I wasn’t surprised on how it works! [ Bumabanat pa nga siya eh! - Carla ] Humbo (the penguin) told us some stuff about penguins. He was so funny. XD

  • Ria, alam mo ba kung anong pinagkaiba ni James (partner niya) kay Jose Rizal? (Ano?) Si Jose Rizal, sa likod tinamaan. Si James, SAYO tinamaan!
  • Ria: Si Tulfo ka ba? (Bakit?) Ang sarap mo kasing sapak-sapakin!

Since lima nalang kami dun, bawat isa samin binanatan ni Humbo. Nakalimutan ko na nga lang yung sakin. :( Haha, sobrang funny talagaaaa! :D Ang pinakatrip niya talaga ay sina James at Ria. Sobrang trip niya sila. XD Sobrang saya nung Penguin Talk Show. ♥ After nun, natulog nalang kami. :D

We woke up early to take pictures around Luneta. It was sooo hot! :) Here are some of the pictures: :)

[Tuwang tuwa ako sa picture na ‘to! May birds tas yung flag! ^^ - Carla ]

After taking lots of pictures, we just relaxed and sat somewhere. I got to eat taho again after a long time. When I was a kid, a certain taho vendor always passed by our house in the afternoon and I always bought taho from him. We got so used to the routine that he would stop at our house and prepare the taho while I was getting five pesos. When I peeked out of the window, my taho is ready! :))

One day, he just stopped stopping in front of our house. I didn’t know what happened. XD All I know is that I rarely get the chance to eat taho after that. :/ Okay, back to blogging. XD We sat somewhere and relaxed for a while. I drank sarsi. (obviously lol) We went back to the room after that, and prepared to leave Hotel H2O. That’s the end of our overnight stay! :D

** Since my sister was in Bicol, I didn’t have the SLR so I used my digicam instead! It was also good. All the pictures in this post was taken by my camera. I was using AUTO all the time because I don’t want to stop and think (Manual). :D

Childhood talaga eh! <3

Dun kasi sa iphone, hanap hanap lang ako ng kung ano anong games ang pwedeng laruin. Tas bigla napansin ko na yung isang game, galing sa MINICLIP. Bigla kong naisip yung childhood naming dalawa ni ate. Grabe, talaga isa rin kasi yun sa mga memorable na bagay.

  • Red Beard
  • Save the Sheriff
  • Cyber Mice Party
  • and many more. <3

Grabe laaaaaaaaaaaang. Kamiss silang laurin. The last time na nilaro ata namin ‘to ay nung yung computer palang ang meron kami, nung hindi pa flat screen ang monitor niya, at nung gumagana pa siya. XD Whoooooo! <3

First picture: That’s me when I was around 6 years old. I was the flower girl in my parents’ second wedding. :) This picture was taken in our province. :D

Second picture: Me and my sister (her tumblr here) when we were younger. I looked so cute back then. I don’t know what happened. :/

Third picture: Celebration for my 9th birthday. It was March 23, a day before my actual birthday! :D I’m the one on the left, and they’re my two best friends (which I haven’t talked to in a while …) so I posted in on facebook so they’ll see it! :D

Hahaha! Just wanted to share some old pictures. :))

RF: I played (and finished) every single pokemon version, except the newer ones that required a Nintendo DS.

I love every single one of it! (but I love S/R/E batch the most) The version that I finished the most number of times is Sapphire. More than 10 times. (not being sarcastic/not kidding) When I was around 6 or 7, I already know Sapphire. Whenever I have time, I would start a new one, then will finish it after a few days. :D

I really miss playing Pokemon, it’s such a shame that I don’t have time for it anymore because I’m too busy. Pokemon is love! <3 :D (it’s not just for kids, okay? people older than me play it too!) :)))