I calmed down a little. I am now able to blog.

*still overly happy and filled with joy*

Once upon a time, an ugly little girl named Carla (me) created an account in neopets. (it was around 2005, I think) She and her older sister was very hooked. Then got tired of it, so they just left their accounts. She, on the other hand, got hooked again (yay!) somewhere in 2007. Of course, she forgot her password, so she made another one. Because of her powers of persuasion, her mother and her officemates were hooked, too! Even though it was distracting her from her studies, she still played it.

Soon, they all got tired playing of it, but not her. (Oh no, NOT I!) They were all so nice so they gave her all their stuff and neopoints. :>

By this time, they had a PC and a laptop, so sometimes, she logged in and out from different computers. TNT (The Neopets Team) freezed (means they don’t let you play anymore) her account because of “suspicious activities”. She realized that it was partly her fault that her account got frozen. She mailed TNT about this. She was still hopeful because some friends she met told her that the accounts can still be retrieved.

She waited and waited and waited but she didn’t get her account back. She never tried again. </3 Recently, she saw someone from tumblr promoting people if they joined neopets using the referral link! She went back to memory lane, and remembered all the happy times she had when she was playing the game. She tried to log in, but she was really really not hopeful.

She forgot her password, so she made them send her an e-mail about her password. She then, logged in. There was an error saying that because she hasn’t logged in for a long time, she need to verify some things. Fortunately, she did. And her account wasn’t frozen anymore. It brightened up her day because she had tons of schoolwork and this news made her really joyous. She lived happily even after. (well, not really tho) The End. 

**that’s a picture of my pet. :”> sorry for the long post but I am really, truly happy. :D