The Sunshine Award (I was tagged!)


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  2. Share 11 random facts.

  3. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger.

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11 Random Facts About Me

  1. love lying around in a room, doing mostly nothing aside from reading and occasionally standing up to get food. :3
  2. I hate all kinds of nuts. Peanuts, pistachios, cashews… All those stuff. I don’t have an allergy, just a very strong dislike. :)
  3. I may look like a cold-hearted person but I actually cry easily. (like, if there’s a sad thing or something)
  4. I’m excited for our prom next year!! :D
  5. If I like a song, I like it. I can go from listening to Thnks fr th mmrs to Taylor Swift then Of Monsters and Men and then Ellie Goulding. :> Yeay songs!
  6. I am easily amused by the littlest of things.
  7. I will probably not trust your opinion on things anymore if you prefer movies over books. That’s just not right.
  8. I like going to school, I just don’t like actually doing anything. XD
  9. I love eating things that are very sweet and very salty. Diabetes and kidney stones are looking bright in my future. T_T (but I drink LOTS of water anyway so…)
  10. There are lots of things I don’t want to talk about/ sensitive topics. :))
  11. I am not good at anything! Hooray for being so useless. :(

I have been nominated by two bloggers so I will answer a total of 22 questions! :)

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10, 13, 18 :)

10. Favorite song - Figure 8 (Ellie Goulding) hahahaha
13. Favorite memory - Yung mga kakulitan ko nung bata pa ako. :3 Hahaha eh kasi ang carefree tas stress-free, unlike now. =)))
18. Movies or books? -  Emeged books books books books I could write a long essay about my opinion on this arghhh BOOKS ♥

Thank you sa tanong! :”’>

7, 10, 14, and 35. :)

7. Have you ever broken up with someone? - Never been in a relationship hehe. :))
10. Favorite song - At the moment? Hmmm … Saltwater Room by Owl City? Forever pampa-kalma song ko hahaha. :))
14. Favorite book - Colleen Hoover’s books <3
35. Opinion on love -  All you need is love! :)))

Gulat naman ako! May nagtanong nga talaga Waaaahh hahaha thank youuuu! :>

T R I Z H A :)

T - Favorite male character from a TV show: Barney Stintson <3
R - Last movie I’ve watched: My Sister’s Keeper.
I - Eye color: Brownish-black
Z - Ever self harmed?: Never. :)
H - Favorite book: Fallen Series (para maiba naman sagot ko hahaha)
A - Age: 15

Thanks po sa TA! Good evening! <3 

H E R Z :)

Thanks po sa follow! :)

H - Favorite book: Colleen Hoover’s books. <3
E - Religion: Roman Catholic.
R - Last movie I watched: My Sister’s Keeper.
Z - Ever self-harmed?: Never. :)

Thanks po sa TA! :) Good evening :D 


J - Favorite movie: Huhu idk. :(((( Seriously hindi ko talaga alam. XD
E - Religion: Roman Catholic. :)
T - Favorite male character from a TV show: Barney Stinston. <3
R - Last movie I’ve watched: My Sister’s Keeper.
O - Favorite color: Violet. :>

Thanks sa question! Good evening! :D

B I A N X :)

B - Where I’m from: Sinapupunan ng nanay ko po. =))) Manila, Philippines.
I - Eye color: Brownish-black
A - Age: 15 :D
N - Favorite day of the year: March 24. Birthdayyy hahaha lel. :))
X - Celebrity crush: Puro babae celebrity crush ko eh. =))) Hmm.. Emma Watson? :))

Thanks po sa question Good evening! <3

@ Marina Bay Sands. Throwback lang. Hahahaha! New timeline cover ko po ito sa Facebook. =))))

@ Marina Bay Sands. Throwback lang. Hahahaha! New timeline cover ko po ito sa Facebook. =))))


4. 3 things I love

  • Reading/books ♥
  • Eating/food @_@
  • Doing nothing :3

Thank you po sa tanong! :)

5, 10, 15, 20

5. Four turn ons

  • matino kausap
  • witty
  • nagigitara tas kumakanta
  • pogi (HAHAHAHA syempre naman diba?)

10. How tall am I?

  • Sa iba pong chart, 5’5. Sa iba, 5’4. Para sure, 5’4.5 nalang =))))

15. Favorite quote

  • Erm.. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

20. First thing I notice in a new person

  • Syempre ang pinakaunang mapapansin ay yung appearance. :)))