1 day without internet? CHALLENGE COMPLETED!

Hah! The internet cord was kind of broken yesterday so I wasn’t able to post anything. Here goes my summary of yesterday:

  • The bible verse went better than expected! I was able to predict the two questions that our teacher asked me, so I had my answers ready. I think she even mentioned that my verse was “safe” or something. I made sure my verse was easy to explain but hard to formulate questions from it. ;) Such a smart move. :”>
  • When I got home, pinapak ko yung tortang talong at inulam ko yung Milo. Ang sarap kaya, TRY MO! :)))) Hahaha. But seriously, it really is yummy.
  • Because of the lack of internet, (classes were suspended btw) I played the game “Crazy Kangaroo” and now I’m slightly addicted to it. =))

Summary of today:

  • I cooked three pieces of fried chicken and a small scrambled egg as my project in TLE. It turned out tasty. \m/
  • I don’t know why, but as of now, as I am typing this post, I feel light and .. happy? I really don’t know why. :/ Hahaha. :DD
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