Howl’s Moving Castle.

Just finished watching Howl’s Moving Castle! It was great, just like the other Studio Ghilbi movies I have watched. Also, it’s love again. Like in Ponyo and Spirited Away, there’s looooove in the air. I don’t really know why Studio Ghibli movies are like that. I still love it though! I plan to watch all of their movies. :D

My sister said that whenever she watches their movies, ridiculous things happen. A fish turning into a girl. Parents turning into pigs. People suddenly getting older in a snap. Wizards being birds. It all sounds so silly! We also noticed that their teardrops are almost as big as their eyes. :) 

I dowloaded the movie for a total of 7 hours. Iit was a clean DVD rip. ;) Little by little, day by day, I didn’t use the internet just to speed this download. I was really happy when the download finished. :D

It wasn’t my first time watching this. I watched it with my sister when I was younger. I forgot the story so it felt like I was watching it for the first time. i remembered some special parts though. :D It was more recent that their movie Spirited Away. The IMDb rating of this movie is 8.1, and the rotten tomatoes rating is 86%. :)