Bellarocca Summer Escapade: Day Three! :)

I spent a few minutes watching Cinderella’s Sister on our laptop before sleeping. I was really sad that night of May 2. I really didn’t want to leave the place. It was cold there. I didn’t want to come back to the heat of Manila. Sadly, we had to. On the morning of May 3, my father and I went to the airport. I continued watching Cinderella’s Sister. We saw Luis Manzano and Erik Santos. I didn’t really care. My sister and my mom had a different way of going home. They went with the family friends that came with us. :)

When we got home, (of course) there was no food so we ate at Jolibee. I then finished the last few remaining episodes of Cinderella’s Sister. The ending was soooo awesome! ♥ That’s how our escapade to Bellarocca ended. :D