Bellarocca Summer Escapade: Day One!

For three days and two nights, we stayed at Bellarocca Resort. After a thirty-minute flight came a forty five-minute ride in the van. After the van, we rode a rubber boat going to the private island of Bellarocca. They have these huge power lines from the mainland to their island. :)

After the rubber boat ride, they welcomed us with a lei-like necklace, and a welcome drink. For around fifteen minutes, they gave us a talk about Bellarocca.

For moving around the place, we rode these battery-generated golf cart-like engines. My sister and I had a separate room from our parents. My sister slept in our room, while I used the laptop in our parents’ room.

Our mom told us that they allowed us to move our room to the one beside our parents’. It had an adjoining door so it was like we were in one large room! We had a tour planned up at one, but my sister was sleeping so we didn’t continue.

While waiting for her to wake up, I was the one who slept. She swam for a few minutes, then we went on our tour. We took pictures on most places. :)

Since the sun was going down, we went for night swimming while waiting for our food. We had Sinigang na Beef and Adobong Pusit sa Gata for dinner. It was very yummy! After dinner, we watched a movie. The movie that was showing that time was Rise of the Planet of the Apes. We weren’t able to watch the beginning. I liked it! :)

It was so late at night, but we went to the karaoke. Only my sister and my dad sang. My mom and I were playing Text Twist 2 on the iPhone while sipping on the hot chocolate that we ordered.

After a couple of songs, we went to sleep. Our day one at Bellarocca has ended! :)

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