List of things to do:
  • Bring a 2x2 picture.
  • Print a portrait photo of myself on a photo paper.
  • Put 2 canned goods in my bag. (mass offering)
  • Print 10 pics of assigned event. (GZ scrapbook)
  • Finish Filipino portfolio. (or else I will do 12 chapters tomorrow)
  • Digitalize (or digitize) SC logo.
  • Club Scrapbook (I’m a member of two clubs so this is very difficult)
  • Review for Physics quiz tomorrow.
  • Review for AP quiz tomorrow.
  • Do AP assignment.

Dami kong kailangang gawin no? =)))) In other news (since nakalimutan kong sa sabihin kahapon), TOP 6 ako sa class for the third quarter! <3 <3 Yehey hahahaha. Top 6 rin ako last quarter. Akala ko talaga bababa ako kasi sobrang laki ng hatak ng Physics tas sobrang baba ko sa exam dun. Lowest grade ko ata yun sa isang exam simula 2nd year? Hashtag lufet =))) Nahatak ata pataas ng Math grade ko. Nakakatuwa kasi eh, Geom yung nilesson namin. Ewan ko kung bakit pero basta thankful ako hahahaha.

Yun lang. Busy na talaga ng super dahil 3rd week of January na. Next week, Student Teacher week na hahaha. No comment. ^^

everyone is getting into relationships and growing up and I’m just getting lazier and finding more tv series to watch

this is so me omg this is really, really true

Grad pics! ♥


 Nag-grad pic na kami kanina! Yeaaaay hahaha! :))) Sa graduation pa namin matatanggap yung mismong naka-develop na kopya nung picture, tas next year pa namin makukuha yung yearbook. Grabe nga nung umaga eh, pagdating ko sa classroom namin ako lang yung naka-sobrang bongga yung hair. :(( Eh kasi inexpect ko naman talaga na ganon, yung parang akin na talagang magpapa-ayos pa ang all. Yung iba nag-plantsa ng buhok, or nagdala ng hair curler tas dun nalang nag-curl. Pero of course, katulad ng sa lahat ng bagay, mayroon kang karamay. In fairness, medyo marami rin naman. =))))


Naka-zoom in lang yan ng sobra pero yan na daw yung gagamitin nila talaga. Nung una, suot ko pa yung salamin ko. Edi natuwa ako, tas naisip ko pareho yung grade 6 and 10 na grad pics kung ganon, pero okay lang. Eh tas pinatanggal. Okay lang naman sakin na walang salamin kaso involuntarily nags-squint kasi ako eh. (pati yung sa iba sa boys, medyo nag-squint rin ng very slight yung mga pinatangal yung salamin). Pero nung pinakita naman sakin, natuwa ako na hindi naman sobrang squint! <3 Minsan kasi kapag pinipicturan ako ni ate na walang salamin sobrang fail ng eyes ko eh hahaha ayun XD

Nung medyo malapit nang mag-uwian, wala lang rin kami masyadong ginawa kaya nagpaka-vain nalang kaming lima. Kaso, kaming lima nga lang yung magkakasama kaya wala kaming kumpletong picture. Sabi ng tadhana naka-quota na daw kami nung Sunday eh. Pakadami kasi nun! =))))

Pagpasensyahan niyo na po kung puro mukha ko at mukha ng mga kaibigan ko yung first page ng blog ko ngayon. =))) Vain kasi talaga kami kaya ganito. Ang saya saya lang hahahaha <3

January 19, 2014 - Afternoon! :)

My parents and I ate at McDo, and then I changed my clothes because I was meeting my friends after a while. We had this assignment where we had to interview a priest (or a seminarist or a nun). Long story short, we eventually got together (at McDo yet again).

CAN I JUST SAY THAT THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD DAY?! (also, this is a post full of photos so please bear with me) I don’t want to summarize every little thing we did so I’ll just post pictures and put captions on them. :))) I don’t think this will be in order so please, just don’t mind it. =)))


These pictures were taken while randomly walking around UST and while in front of the Arch of the Centuries. We had a lot of pictures actually, but they’re really too many to post. We were so vain that we used all of our phones to take pictures of UST, or of whatever we wanted to take pictures of (well, one of us didn’t use her phone… hashtag mean) ^^


We took this photo while on the stage. We were walking to a particular place and then there was this stage that my friend wanted to walk on so we all followed suit. The next time we passed there, (which was around three hours later) we took pictures. :D Imagine the stage being on the middle, with everyone seeing, and then we just walked there, stopped for a while to take selfies, then came down and walked like nothing happened. Maybe they were shaking their heads while thinking, "Ugh. High school students." =))))


We had this when we were walking in the long, creepy hallway going towards where the seminarists were. It really was a creepy hallway, complete with the silence, darkness, and tiles that are just plain scary ._. It was even more scary when we went there for the second time (around 4:30 PM). It wasn’t dark yet, but you can feel that soon enough the darkness will fall upon you! :((( It really has the feels of a horror movie. :(


This was around 3:30 PM maybe? We walked for a long time! After UST, we walked to FEU and then to San Sebastian Church and all other places we could think of. We reached CEU and then Julia told us that La Consolacion (her old school) was just nearby and that there were lots of nuns there, and has a McDo beside it. We stayed there to relax and rest for a while because it was so hot outside. We talked about random stuff while surfing the net on our phones using free wifi.


This was when we were at D’Cream. We were so happy that we finally got to accomplish the whole purpose of us going out. We took lots and lots and lots of pictures here, and we were so noisy that I think we bothered some people, but they were noisy as well so I don’t think they minded. XD


Aaaaaand the purpose of our get-together on a weekend. Overall, it was a VERY tiring, VERY fun, and VERY fulfilling day! <3 <3 <3  At first we weren’t even sure that each one of us will be able to go but yeayyyy we’re compleeeeeete! <3 :’) We don’t have too many pictures of us five so we really maximized the time to get the work done and to have many selfies. =)))) 

January 19, 2014 - Morning!

Last Sunday, I had my PLMAT. We reached PLM at around 6:45 AM. At the entrance, you were supposed to show your permit and then the guard will tell you which building you were supposed to be in. I showed mine and the guard said, "Dun, sa dulong building." and then pointed in a direction.

I was really worried whether I was going the right way or not. I walked fast so if ever I ended up in the wrong building, I still have time to go to a different building. While I was walking,I overheard a girl say “Dulong building! Malay ko ba kung alin dito yung dulong building!” She sounded so frustrated and I found it funny (so inappropriate, I know).

When I reached the building I was supposed to be in (I was going the right way after all!), I saw these lines. In front of the line was the room number. Good thing my classmate called me where he was. I just found out the night before that we were going to be taking the exam in the exact same room and time.After that, I just waited.


At around 7:30 AM, we were told to fall in line alphabetically. We had to ask other people their surnames. I was like, "I actually have to talk to people to get this done! Ugh whyyyyy." but eventually I did find my place. My classmate and I wasn’t too far apart because his surname started with E and mine begun with D.

After few more minutes, we lined up outside the actual examination room and our names were called one by one. There was a piece of paper with our names in it so you can check if you’re seated correctly. I sat on my assigned chair and looked at the name of the people who’s going to be seated beside me. I looked right and saw it was a girl. I looked to the left and saw that my classmate was seated right beside me. xD

The exam was very, very difficult. The math part was the most difficult in all of the subtests. After the exam was over, we all went outside and left.


I ran into Pam, Laysa,and JM when we were going out and we even took pictures. XD After that, my and my parents headed to UST! ^^

January 18, 2014 :3

My friend and I had planned this weekend almost two weeks before it actually happened. We were really excited and all, but we encountered a lot of problems with how I was going to get there, or to her house, or whatever else. To make a long story short, I went to their house and instead of leaving the house at 11AM like we originally planned, we left at 12NN because we were forced to eat lunch at their house.


We reached Trinoma at 1PM, and we weren’t able to do what we had originally planned (yet again!) so we just bought Happy Lemon, and went ahead with out photoshoot (we planned these and they actually happened!) We used the SLR, my phone, and her phone. We were lucky that there wasn’t too many people that time. ^^


Those pictures of me are of course, taken by her. Beware: There will be lots of selfies ahead! ^^ :D


The picture above and below were taken at the stage. We had so many pictures because we are both very,very vain. :) Not to mention that the sunlight wasn’t too harsh so the lighting was also amazing. We took turns taking portrait shots of each other. :P


We went to Fullybooked Trinoma first (left picture) and then Fullybooked SM North Edsa (which I looove!). After that we headed to Powerbooks, and that is where I bought a book. I wanted to buy a particular book so badly but it was too pricey so I just had to let it go </3


At some point, we also bought at  Gelatissimo. I got myself two scoops and a bottle of water. (in the left picture, you can see my bag [the red one] and her bag [the yellow one] with our corresponding Happy Lemon drinks beside them) I also bought McDo fries for myself and a box of HOP (House of Polvoron) for my mom.


Even though we were just allowed to be out for three hours (rather, she was allowed for only three hours), we went home at 4:30 PM. It was a very happy day, even though we had very limited time. We were able to have fun and maximize the time given. :> ♥

Guys may good news ako!!

First time kong makapag-serve ng lagpas sa net. Hindi siya official game, naglalaro-laro lang kami tas nag-serve ako once. Lumampas siya sa net pero pagilid, pero FIRST TIME MANGYARI YUN! Dati kapag nagse-serve ako, laging hanggang court lang namin. Tas ngayon nakaabot at least sa kabila. :”“”>

Guys em zo proud hahahaha first time ‘to na literal! Tsaka nakakatuwa kasi nung naglalaro ng official game yung GZ, natatandaan ko pa yung mga rules and such, may triple hit tsaka kung sang grupo ba yung point mapupunta, ganon. =))) May natandaan rin pala ako kahit papaano nung second year. XD

Nakakatuwa lang po talaga huhu :’)

first pic - ginaya ko yung lagi niyang pose; second pic - jeje pozez =))

Maraming kailangang gawin kahapon. Nakatulog ako. Nagising ako ng maaga at medyo nakalahati ko yung kailangan kong gawin sa laptop. Bumaba muna ako para mag-prepare for school. Nung nasa school na, saka naalala na naiwan yung report sa laptop at walang USB. Bumalik sa bahay ng mabilisan para manghiram ng dalawang USB para paglagyan ng report. Dahil paranoid ako, dinala ko narin yung laptop para sure.

That is the story of why I brought the laptop to school. After that, hindi ko rin siya ginalaw masyado. Nung PE time (last period) pinili naming walang gawin. Nag-picture nalang muna kami sa laptop bago mawalan ng battery. Dalawa lang yan dun sa napakarami naming pictures. Ginamit pa namin yung iba’t ibang effects tas tawa kami ng tawa sa mukha namin. =))))

Yun! Share lang. Hahahaha XD Sorry for being inactive. Sobrang busy na talaga ngayon. Last two weeks ng January hanggang first two weeks ng February ang feeling kong sobrang hectic. So yun, haha baka mas lalo akong hindi active. ^^

Premise: Malabo yung mata ko.

Classmate: Carla! Alam ko kung ano yung nakikita mo kapag tinanggal mo yung salamin mo!

Ako: Ano?

Classmate: Blurred Lines! ♫

In fairness talaga, na-lol ako ng slight hahahaha =)))

Ang saya saya saya saya sayaaaaa! <3

I won’t go into details pero basta ang saya saya ko today. Lumabas kami ng bahay para may asikasuhin and after few hours, maganda naman yung nahanap namin. =)))) Tas napadaan rin kami sa shop na gustong gusto ko tas katulad ng dati, marami akong sinukat pero dalawa lang yung bumagay hahahahahaha mahirap po kapag malaki yung braso XD Like I said, hindi ko na ide-detailed kasi maarte ako at gusto ko muna secret yung mga binili kong damit HAHAHAHAHA yun.

Ang ayos ko mag-blog ‘no? Eh basta masaya ‘ko, yun ang importante. :’)